Tours in Svaneti

Tviberi glacier hiking

From Tviberi glacier starts Tviberi river – influx of Mulkhura river, which flows from Mulakhi community to Mestia and merges with Enguri river down in Latali. Tviberi gorge is very narrow and wild. It is off bitten trek and this hike is hardest one in one day hikes from Mestia. Tviberi glacier trek description Trek…

Ski Tour Svaneti

Ski tour Svaneti

Ski tour Svaneti duration 9 days including 7 days of skiing on various slopes in Svaneti from Etseri village up to Ushguli. Package price from 500 Euro

Guides in Svaneti

About Svaneti

Probably Svaneti is the most beautiful area in all Caucasus region. Svaneti region is located in the north-west of Georgia on the south slopes of Great Caucasus range. Magnificent snowy mountains, green forests, alpine meadows, picturesque villages, unique culture – this is incomplete list what attracts tourists in Svaneti. During past decade Svaneti had changed a lot. Now it is stunning mix of modernized town Mestia with its cozy cafes and museums  and archaic villages just in walking distance from each other.

Svaneti has a lot to offer – it is wonderful untouched nature, amazing landscapes, traditional village life, cultural heritage, folklore.

Tours which are available in Svaneti are very diverse – of course region is well known as wonderful trekking destination, besides horse lovers can enjoy horse ridding tours, who doesn’t feel well about physical activities can rent jeep with local guide and explore cultural heritage sights and beauty of nature by 4×4 car. Who is looking for rural life can book guesthouse outside of Mestia in beautiful villages and participate in traditional rural life of farmers. Who is interested in folklore can enjoy folk evening in Mestia or other villages.

Svaneti trekking

We work with good team of local guides only, very experienced team in Svaneti trekking. who know their region and history, speak English and other languages, can help you to rent horses or jeep, find proper guesthouse or hotel.

Svaneti trekking is part of Highlander travel, as we became leading company in organizing trekking tours in Svaneti, we decided to make new project for Svaneti trekking.

Minibuses to Mestia are leaving from Tbilisi railway station square every morning at 6 AM. from Kutaisi central bus station at 8 AM. From Tbilisi is possible to get to Zugdidi by train and from Zugdidi train station minibuses are leaving very frequent.

We do NOT sell tickets for flights to Mestia. Here is link to the website of Vanilla sky – only company who operates those flights.

In Mestia there are many hotels, from basic guesthouses to high mid range hotels. Our tours mostly are based in good guesthouses as there tourists have more communication with locals and participate in their life.

Except Mestia guesthouses can be found in villages Etseri, Becho has wide range of guesthouses, Latali including Lakhushdi village, Lenjeri, Mulakhi, mostly village Jabeshi, Hadishi, Tsvirmi has couple guesthouses, Kala, including Iprari and one guesthouse in Khalde and of course Ushguli.

Mestia has big number of different cafes and restaurants. During high season some of them have folk shows in the evenings.

In Ushguli also can be found couple restaurants.

In other villages only in families is possible to order lunch or dinner.

Svaneti trekking offers private transfers to Mestia from Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Zugdidi with comfortable vehicles.

Price list:

  • Tbilisi – Mestia: 280$
  • Kutaisi – Mestia: 150$
  • Zugdidi – Mestia: 100$
  • Batumi – Mestia: 220$

Price is given per minivan, maximum 6 PAX, one way tranvel. for other kind of transport please contact us.

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