Latali tour

Marvelous Latali tour

Marvelous Latali tour is mixture of light hiking, amazing cultural heritage of Svaneti, cooking masterclass and gold looking. We offer to spend one day in marvelous Latali community, village Lakhushdi, to feel old real Svaneti. Tour starts in the morning. After short driving from Mestia, we will approach village Lakhushdi, our fantastic hosts, at  Eco…


Svaneti forests trek

Svaneti forests trek Lakhushdi to Adishi trail

Svaneti forests trek starts in old traditional village Lakhushdi in Latali community and goes through Zuruldi range which divides wild Enguri gorge from Mestiachala gorge. Tour doesn’t include very popular touristic attraction – village Ushguli and leads to off beaten tourists treks, so this trekking tour can be interesting to those who are not comming to…


Shkhara glacier trek

Shkhara glacier trek from Ushguli

Trekking trail from Ushguli to Shchara glacier is also wonderful place for horse riding and jeep tour. Ushguli is included in World heritage sites by UNESCO. Average price 40$


Koruldi lakes

Koruldi lakes hiking

Koruldi lakes trek is one of the most beautiful one day trekking destination from Mestia. Price from 25$ per person.


Tviberi glacier hiking

From Tviberi glacier starts Tviberi river – influx of Mulkhura river, which flows from Mulakhi community to Mestia and merges with Enguri river down in Latali. Tviberi gorge is very narrow and wild. It is off bitten trek and this hike is hardest one in one day hikes from Mestia. Tviberi glacier trek description Trek…


trekking holidays in Svaneti

Epic trekking holidays in Svaneti 10 days

Trekking holidays in Svaneti is one of the best trekking opportunity in Europe, duration of tour is 10 days in total, with 7 days of trekking. Tour will be leaded by professional local guides. Average price 425$